Poetry by Mi

500 Steps
500 steps
 from Camelot
Stone castle of dreams
My Prince of Pain
Snuggled deep in our cotton nest
my lover
Heat branding my shell
Scent of the sweet spot
just behind his neck
The rolling, the waves,
the tingling soul -
I thought one
My hearts' unseeing blindness.
 Fortress so cold, still
Sounds of echos
Ghosts in the hall


I have a hollow, black Swan
He never meets my eye
When he flies away
all my old sadness will go with him
then both of us will be free.

Knife in my heart...
or was it my back?
Hard to imagine,
such an attack

Fell to his knees,
pleading my return
Said for only me,
he would ever yearn

Vowed me his heart,
his soul, his life
Inscribed -
My lover, my friend, my wife...

Amongst the stars,
I taught him to dance
My heart open wide
never gave himself a chance

500 steps from Camelot
He turned his back on me
My Prince of Pain
Refusing to see..

His lover, his friend, his wife...

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